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August 7, 2010

How Physicists See the World..

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(From Abstruse goose )

World View:

But this is how scientists see the world…

Hence I refer to someone saying:

– Understanding the second picture is what makes the first one so beautiful.

– Understanding the nature of nature only makes it more beautiful.

– Simplicity is an illusion And – “Rich depth and added meaning made possible through human endeavors to understand, constantly question and laboriously search for answers…”

– What’s the point in being here if we don’t learn?


Is it the other way saying – :

This is only a mere depiction of how geeky one’s miss the REAL BEAUTY of nature thinking about “why is it the way it is”…

Sometimes just “let it be” the way it is and just enjoy the “beauty”(I’m sure beauty cannot be formulated)!!!
This is not about how accurate the formulae are…I’m sure every one of you can find out the governing equations of everything in the picture, but that isn’t the point here…it’s exactly the opposite!!!

What ever the way You take it as, It is totally up to you!


Some one is claiming that the rabbit should have been more symmetrical 😉

Schrodinger’s Eqn is not used because then CAT would have to kill us !


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