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Never wondered how sachin would feel being SACHIN….., This man , global icon who represents India, by far the most respected cricketer in the world.

Just as it is normal in the Hindu tradition to praise a deity in a thousand names , we shower him with adjectives.There are, after all, only so many synonyms for excellence.The last definitive word used to describe Tendulkar after his 200 knock in the Gwalior ODI was neither an adjectival phrase nor even a nominal superlative.He had turned GOD.In fact, the day after his innings, one newspaper carried a large, frontpage picture of Tendulkar, bat in hand and looking at the heavens either in acknowledgment or identification, with just ‘God’ written across the photograph.

True, during the Australian tour of India in early 1998, a series in which Tendulkar scored three consecutive centuries, he was already seen as an incarnation, prompting Mathew Hayden to say in all seriousness: “I have seen God. He bats at no. 4 in India in Tests.” Evidently, a Christian had become a convert.

Since then, just about every word and phrase in the book for greatness have been tried on Tendulkar and have been found wanting: prodigy, master, master-blaster, genius, super, perfect, terrific, consummate, fantastic, incomparable, savior, phenomenon, historic, legendary, maximum-man, titanic, humongous, tremendous, incomparable, and immortal. All said; yet, the man is not done.Tendulkar, meanwhile, has evolved from an adjective or a heroic noun to a purer form of being: an act. Words tend to fail where sensations that a verb evokes predominate.

Though it is arduous to untangle and articulate ALL ABOUT SACHIN , as he always have been Inspiring us every moment , I felt like having a small collection of what ever he speaks (feels).Please visit the next page for a small collection of mine.
(Dedicated to one of my best friend.)


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