Random Thoughts

My Friends

A list of my good friends. Mind you , The list is not exhaustive , Obviously , in no `Order’ of preference.


Absolute genius , the one with whom I had most of my bemused discussions in my <memorable/marvelous> college life , is the one who taught me the complicated things , the one who made me ponder…, is now studying in IIT Guwahati.(Although well aware , he is totally not cognizant of his potential ).


Open minded , easily mingles with anyone under the roof of sky , takes lot of initiatives (realistic , unlike me ) , help-all strategist. Now, studying in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.


The guy with which every-one would like to spend some time and share their thoughts (weights) , Need not repeat the word `funniest’ for the known, is  now an amateur Electric engineer.


Book bug personified , emotional too. True aspirant of highness in her own fashion  , goes really mad when someone argues. Used to be movie maniac , now claims that some recent movie made her to quit. Now over Engineering (CIV) at CBIT ,  Insti Topper!


Yet another 9 pointer , lot enthu , as well goes crazy if understands something new , has been a good friend,shares many interests.Now , doing ECE at SRM Univ (Chennai).Texts a lot 😀


Geek , sings well (unlike my sis) , 9.99** pointer , Now at NIT W(CIVIL).Source of good inspiration , Confident in what ever she does..


Real part (chum too!) of complex capsule called Insti life , Imaginary part being Academics. NCC gawd , Gadget   Savvy , Tec guy , 9 pointer , at last , EP 😀

Vivishek sudhir

My friend , Guru.  _The_ complex system I have come across , yet so serene.As he described himself ,`Undergraduate engineering student during free time and core Quantum physicist otherwise..’

Currently , Vivi is at Imperial College , London for PhD(Physics Of-course..).Highly multidimensional.I am sure he tried every thing in this world you could imagine ranging from Karate to Kubuntu…Most of our interests match.. 😉

– – –

Friends are always Special. But ENGLISH isn’t. It is not quite innovative , I’m just left with few adjectives to describe the infiniteness.How can I??

But when I take a few moments to look deeper inside, I feel good that God gave me this beautiful Nature and the sense of  “Physical” understanding of it for this life to enjoy.


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