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September 25, 2010

Fun of Physics

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Life of Physics is something just worth giving a try…., You don’t have to spend time separately ….. in fact , all of us start  doing physics right from childhood…… it is the very inevitable thing  for any Engineer.

Always , I’m inspired by these words , “what…, when…, how…., why…..”…. list goes on…

To share , Recently I’ve come across some thing Higher….. which changed my outlook towards Physics…

When I came across this Prof. R Shankar’s page , I didn’t notice it previously …..,  the inner Depth of being a Physicist….. :).  I’ll not talk much now , enjoy his words……

  • “This is a very important day. You can forget your birthday, forget anniversaries, but you need to remember this day, because this is the day that you will learn Newton’s Laws”
  • “So Newton said ‘I will go invent integral calculus.’ After all, he just invented differential calculus the other day, so why shouldn’t he?”
  • “You can add vectors, multiply a vector by a number, flip vectors – the fun is just endless”
  • “Relativity and quantum didn’t use to be taught in this class, which is a shame, because they are two of the sexiest topics in all of physics”
  • “If you put your hand on a hot plate, you should say ‘Wow, these molecules are fast!’. That’s what I want you to say from now on, not ‘Ouch!!””
  • “There’s not that much material that I can teach you, actually. I can write all the physics equations in one corner of the blackboard, and then all you need is an IQ of 5000 and you’re set!”
  • “What I see is, the mathematicians tell us what the rules are, and then it’s our job to break them”
  • “The question you have to ask yourself is, if your professor drops dead in the middle of his lecture, will you be able to finish deriving the equation he started? If so, then you know you’re doing okay”
  • “I forgot what my life was like before quantum mechanics. I know I was playing in a sandbox and someone was trying to beat me up, but I don’t remember when that was.”
  • “Let’s say the physicist gets stuck while climbing, and you want to send him something. It may be food, or since it’s a physicist, he might say ‘Send me my Wolfson and Pasachoff (our textbook)! I haven’t read it in two days!'”
  • “So today we will do the problem that makes most people never want to do physics again”
  • “If you have a question, call me, because I don’t answer email. I come from a generation where it is impossible for me to sit down and figure out where all these letters are. Why did they have to scramble them all up?? I’ve seen my kids in this catatonic state in front of the computer, doing instant messaging, but I just can’t do it. So if you emailed me a long question about the meaning of life and I didn’t respond, don’t worry. I know the meaning of life, okay – just call me.”
  • *does an example, Gershkoff corrects his vocabulary*
    “This also illustrates the unimportance of terminology”
  • “You may be questioned by the Mafia someday. And it’s standard practice for them to lower you down in this tank of water. So when you’re pushing out on the walls, trying to save yourself, think to yourself – how many Newtons am I applying to this wall? – because you’re causing pressure!”
  • “That’s why I’m telling you all to go do physics for the rest of your lives. It’s fun, and if you’re lucky, you might actually get paid!”
  • “And that was the big, all-time, physics aha! Moment”
  • “Mathematicians are always ahead of physicists, and physicists are always a little bit ahead of engineers, although that difference is not always clear anymore. It’s because it takes so much time for our president to catch up with everything. He says ‘How many barrels of oil will we save by you studying quantum mechanics?’ and then we say ‘Well, zero barrels’ and he gets confused. So either you find this quantum stuff very useful or just use it to scare the hell out of everyone else”
  • *messes up demonstration*
    “You know, some of us go into theoretical physics for a very good reason”
  • “If you miss class you should talk to someone, because I don’t go straight from the book. If you read the whole book you run the risk of learning something you don’t need to know. And who wants to do that?”
  • “That’s the beauty of teaching- for 1 hour of the day you don’t feel like a complete idiot because you realize that there are many people worse off than you”
  • Shankar: “Any suggestions on how to make up for the missed class?”
    Student: “Put the lecture online?”
    Shankar: “How can I convey the full force of my personality online?”

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

Now , I just cant resist  temptation…, He is such a man…… to explore…. , Soon I am starting his book on Quantum Phy.., I conclude this thanking Vivi for sharing all these thoughts…. (And the interesting thing is that , today he is moving ahead to Imperial Clz London for Higher studies… )

PS: Sequel soon 😉


August 7, 2010

How Physicists See the World..

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(From Abstruse goose )

World View:

But this is how scientists see the world…

Hence I refer to someone saying:

– Understanding the second picture is what makes the first one so beautiful.

– Understanding the nature of nature only makes it more beautiful.

– Simplicity is an illusion And – “Rich depth and added meaning made possible through human endeavors to understand, constantly question and laboriously search for answers…”

– What’s the point in being here if we don’t learn?


Is it the other way saying – :

This is only a mere depiction of how geeky one’s miss the REAL BEAUTY of nature thinking about “why is it the way it is”…

Sometimes just “let it be” the way it is and just enjoy the “beauty”(I’m sure beauty cannot be formulated)!!!
This is not about how accurate the formulae are…I’m sure every one of you can find out the governing equations of everything in the picture, but that isn’t the point here…it’s exactly the opposite!!!

What ever the way You take it as, It is totally up to you!


Some one is claiming that the rabbit should have been more symmetrical 😉

Schrodinger’s Eqn is not used because then CAT would have to kill us !

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