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December 4, 2010

Qualities of Sucess`ful’ People

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When I was sitting before a wall at HBCSE… and not knowing how to carry a copy of this text…, then I scribbled this text directly here on this wall…. :p

Those 25 qualities are:

  1. Strong self – belief.
  2. Believe in action and prayer.
  3. Don’t major in minor things.
  4. First discipline themselves thereafter then try it on others.
  5. Understand the value of enthusiasm.
  6. Avid readers.
  7. Copious  note takers.
  8. Adaptable and Improvise.
  9. Skilled in time management and Set priorities.
  10. Good listeners and orators.
  11. Good communicators and planners.
  12. Make mistakes , but learn from every one of them.
  13. Not afraid of taking calculated risks.
  14. Identify and use their moods.
  15. Optimistic & carry a sense of gratitude.
  16. Persistent and preserving.
  17. Step out of their comfort zones.
  18. Act according to reality.
  19. Enjoy their work/ effort.
  20. Visionaries with patience.
  21. Focused.
  22. Quick decision makers.
  23. Effectively handle criticism / rejection / frustration.
  24. Take responsibilities for their actions and lives.
  25. Are self – aware. (carry internal – anchor).



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