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August 3, 2010

Insti Slang..

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(This is exactly taken from ” THE FIFTH ESTATE”).

Cocooned in their island, the students of IIT Madras have over the years managed to develop their own language.`Insti’ was documented in 2004 when Evelyn Richter, a visiting German student from the Chemnitz University,made it the subject of her M.A. thesis.

The highly developed lingo is an exotic masala of atrocious English and “Madrasi” (especially ‘Gult’) with a bit of Northie and godknowswhatelse thrown in.

The list TFE prepared goes like this….:

1) Ra, da/dei, machaan/machi: In-house variation of “dude”, used without regard to gender
Eg: “What, machaan?”

2) Gen: general, nothing particular

3) Put versus Pack

Put: To do something (and therefore can be used as a substitute for any verb)
Eg:”Let’s put Tarams, da” (Let’s go to Tarams”), “Are you putting anything for Shaastra?” (Are you doing anything- usually participating or being a coordinator- for Shaastra?)

Pack: To not do something
Eg: “Let’s pack mess tonight and put Bessie instead”, “I’m packing Shaastra this year…going home”.

4) Mug: To study

5) Funda: Fundamentals or basic principles of something.
Eg: (Night before an endsem) “ I haven’t started mug, da, but RaviTeja  said he’d put fundaes”.

6) Cup versus Crack
Cup: To fail something or do badly. (Origin: The fail grade “U”, which looks like a cup)
Eg: “Ramaswamykrishnamacharya put me fundaes the night before but I still cupped Quant, machaan!”

Rape/Crack: To ace something, or do brilliantly (no relation to the act of rape or to the illegal drug)
Eg: “Ganga raped footer again this year”

7) Pain versus Peace
Pain: Anything difficult, undesirable or annoying. Opposite of peace which easy and not troublesome. (can be used as a verb as well)
“XYZ (Eng.Draw. in My case….!!) is such a painmaxx course.”
“Really? But I’ve heard the Prof doesn’t pain and is peaceful with grading.”
“Oh! If that’s the case then peeaaace!”.

Pseud: high-funda, fancy, awesome.

Other commonly used words:
Arb/Arbit: arbitrary, random.,
Ob: obviously,
God/stud: someone who is brilliant at something.

Also note that the Student Activity Centre and Open Air Theatre are pronounced “sac” and “oat”. To refer to them as “S-A-C” and “O-A-T” is considered pseud-putting.


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