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July 20, 2010

Saina Speaks..

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Saina Nehwal is just the average, typical girl, who likes dressing up, watching movies and surfing the Internet. But there is one thing that makes this 20-year old special and that is her dedication and love towards badminton that has made her the second best player in the world.

“I want to win bigger tournaments like the World Championship, the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, and then finally fulfil my dream of winning an Olympic medal for my country. I’m fully conscious of the rise in expectations and responsibility that has come along with the rise in my ranking,” Saina says.“Yes, it’s true. Earlier I used to win, but there was hardly any encouragement. But I never lost hope,” says Saina, adding,

“Since the beginning, I was very clear that hard work, dedication, passion – all these words look good only when you win. And now that I am winning by performing consistently, I can see people showering attention on me.”  Saina says that she intends to keep performing consistently.”

“I just can’t enjoy my life if I don’t win tournaments. If I’m performing well, then I am happy. Then I do all sorts of things that a normal girl of my age would do. I go shopping, I watch movies and all, but if I don’t win, I just can’t take it. For me, playing badminton is my life,” she stresses. “It is just like nasha, a nasha of winning again and again. I just don’t get satisfied unless I win. For me, getting as many titles as possible is a big high,”

Wishing her the best,


(taken from today’s Chennai Times)


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