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July 15, 2010

Engineering Physics

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(This is from Naveen Sharma’s blog)

Want a piece of En(genie)ering Physics? You have come to the Wright place! For those who are in the dark, Engineering Physics is one of the newest branches in “Engineering” at IIT Madras. What follows is a description of this branch by two of the branch’s own students. Now, without much further ado, let me present :

1.By Nirmal Raj

Disclaimer: We are gonna Bragg about ourselves and Bohr you to death.

The name being quaint for a B.Tech branch, our bloods Boyle every time we’re asked these Millikan Dollar Questions:

“Watt do you do in EP?”

Every week, from Monday to Faraday, our time is spent Moseley in exploring quantum physics, nuclear physics, statistical physics and curvilinear physiques. Not to mention making PJ’s, Poynting out profs’ blackboard errors, thieving lab equipment and Hawking them in streets.

“Do you have a bright scope after B Tech?”

A difficult Curie to answer. All we can say is our early seniors’ success Gibbs us hope.

“Why just about 20 people in your branch?”

Our small strength is our biggest strength.

“Why was this branch created in the first place?”

That’s a Rayleigh nasty question. It Hertz our feelings. Anyway, a necessity to Hooke Physics with Engineering was felt. Hence our profs, both old and Young, went to ESB with their Bose and arrows and said: “Next time it will be LASER waveguides and H-bombs if you don’t agree to our terms.” Thus EP was Born.

2.By Naveen

0. Watt is EP all about?

We Carnot tell what it is about. Hall we care about is how good we will be at Physics, at the end of Fouriers!

1. Do you have a bright scope after B.Tech?

A very Marie Curie to ask, but Franckly, a very Hardy question to answer!

2. What do the professors usually do in the classes?

They Fert for a while, Vleck our sleep, Bohr us to death, Feyn greatness and Bragg about their research. Period. :-)

**-THE END-**

P.S :

0.Please don’t get bugged by the spelling mistakes. Spelling has been sacrificed for a greater cause viz., Laughter.

1. Any new additions would be welcome!

2.A article about Engineering Physics can be found here,(From Hindu Oct 2005) , Now there are a few changes in the curriculum,  Theme remains  the _SAME_

3.Article ever under construction..


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