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July 14, 2010

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  • What is the beautiful girl called in IIT ..?
  • A Visitor.
  • What happens when all the IIT girls go on a trip to moon..?
  • Average beauty of the earth increases and that of moon decreases.
  • What happens when hundred new girls join ..?
  • Average beauty of IIT further decreases.
  • What happens when a IIT girl has very malignant brain tumor..?
  • She will get her knee operated.
  • What happens when two IIT girls meet generally at fashion show..?
  • They will discuss the cause of the two smaller bugs in software.
  • What happens if you present a book named “How to fall in love” to a IIT girl..?
  • She will use it as a mouse pad.
  • When there is a competition in beauty and two IIT girls participate,it’s called a competition. If a IIT girl and other outside girl competes, its called ………..?
  • overconfidence.
  • What happens when two IIT girls compete for same guy..?
  • Some other girl will have him.
  • What does a IIT girl do when she hears a whistle from back..?
  • She will call her non-IIT girl friend.


Generally 90% of the girls in the world are beautiful, rest are in IIT.

(Thanks to SG sir’s Article)


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