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July 13, 2010


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This one, sorry not the whole yet, year changed the  major part of my life….the people I live with….the place I live in…..and etc etc…
It brought many people into my life…almost equaling the no of people I have known so far….and that too of different kinds….and also to say…  now i have, on my name, many things too…. like for instance a laptop or a mobile and the list goes on….  😉
It showed me what life is or rather how hard life is…. sorry, There is a brighter part too… 😉
I learned many things…..actually i should give this credit to my college….but this college came in eighteen so again the credit goes to eighteen…
And my many firsts came in this year 🙂 ….like traveling alone for the first time in the train… or eating alone in a canteen…putting night outs for studying …….not seeing mom or home for this long periods…. 😦
Well…And living alone(read as `in the hostel) is not so easy in the beginning and i am surprised at doing that so well 🙂 which also made me tough mentally and physically…oh…sorry physical toughness came with the big campus and its facilities….
Started knowing the vastness of the world….made many friends….got to know many people….

I found out where my interests lay…. started reading books…watching English movies…Face-booking..,Orkuting…listening to Hindi songs…texting…exploring my comp…writing sometimes, like this, though i know its boring for the readers….bTw, thanx for reading all this… 🙂
Well all this and a lot more too….all in all I love this year…thanx a lot eighteen….. 🙂 🙂

And this year, I celebrated My B’day in a different way… Giving a seminar(for the first time) on the Hands-on Work I started…..,Thanks to Umesh Sir. That’s the way it all started…, Lets see where this year takes me to…

(slightly modified.., Dunno where I got the original article from.)
This article will be edited later on.. (till 9 Jan 2011)

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